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marketsN enables deep visibility into your inventory, logistics and financial value chain by creating a B2B marketplace with unique value propositions for suppliers and the suppliers of suppliers. Make your supply network more resilient, responsive and reliable while reducing costs.

50% of major supply chain disruptions occur below the first-tier supplier.

What are the benefits?

Inventory reduction

Real time visibility into distributed inventory makes planning simple and effective, thus reducing overall inventory in spite of large fluctuations in production.

Faster, agile operations

Universal alignment on processes makes coordination simple, thus significantly reducing delivery cycle time, return cycle time and payment cycle time.

Instant audit, reduce reconciliations

Non manipulatable and instantly auditable records of orders, deliveries, quality checks and payments eliminates conflicts and disagreements, thus reducing costs in spite of an increase in the number of suppliers.

Predictive analytics, prevent disruptions

Built-in marketbot™ uses advanced analytics to optimize order fulfilment accuracy with respect to time, quantity and quality. Any anomalies are immediately notified to relevant stakeholders.


marketsN enables total process clarity and automatically enforceable contract terms, while encouraging participation from even the most fragmented logistics providers thanks to incentives programmed into smart contracts. Increase transparency & reduce conflicts in your logistics value chain to make it more efficient.

The cost of logistics as a percentage of total cost can be as high as 30%.

What are the benefits?

Higher on-time deliveries

Smart contracts link payments and granular bonuses to real time performance, thus incentivising transporters and warehouses to perform at their best wrt. timely deliveries and cost per moved inventory unit, while not feeling pressurised through penalties alone.

Competitive rates, better bargaining power

Logistics service providers can potentially bid for contracts using advanced auctions mechanisms, which are intuitively fair. Transparency, non-repudiation and faster payments leads to improved bargaining power.

Inventory accuracy, better planning

marketsN links with appropriate IoT devices to provide near real time data, which form a trusted record, reducing reconciliations inspite of an increase in the number of logistics providers utilised.

Better relationships, loyalty

Built-in marketbot™ peforms advanced analytics on trusted data to build reputation and loyalty metrics, which eventually could be used in powerful incentives on smart contracts, thus improving relationships while reducing costs.


Temperature excursions during logistics alone lead to losses of $35 Billion / year. marketsN integrates blockchain with IoT to provide trustable proofs of movement of goods. A unified, undisputable record transforms today’s opaque logistics value chain to transparent, auditable ones. This has value for all stakeholders including logistics service providers, freight forwarders, insurance companies etc.

30% of scrapped pharmaceuticals can be attributed to logistics issues.

What are the benefits?

Instant proof of compliance

The immutable shared ledger combined with error free smart contracts can track important compliance data and provide instant reports to regulatory authorities, potentially preventing huge losses while maintaining brand image.

Easily auditable track + trace

FMD and DSCSA mandate track + trace technologies to be put in place. In-built provenance of blockchains provide the perfect fabric to deploy QR codes, IoT etc. to meet norms, leading to time and cost savings.

Last mile visibility

marketsN is mobile delivered and enables field performance linked payments, thus easing adoption hurdles to even the most obscure distributors. Gain visibility into your last mile.

Loss-less cold chain

While marketsN tracks temperature fluctuations and attributes responsibility to temperature related product losses, the built-in marketbot™ can analyse blockchain data to predict temperature variations and alert relevant stakeholders before losing shipments worth millions.

Banks and NBFCs

Globally, there is $1.5T in unmet demand for trade financing. One of the reasons is stringent regulations, which implies that lent capital is characterized in a more stringent way. The growth and sustenance of the trade finance market are heavily reliant on the easy availability and robustness of financing mechanisms. With marketsN, a heightened trust in invoices, orders, inventories and other trusted assets makes them available for low-risk, lower-interest financing from banks & NBFCs.

58% of trade finance requests by SMEs are rejected.

What are the benefits?

Anytime audit, anytime proof

Every transaction is cryptographically signed by both buyers and suppliers and stored in an immutable ledger. Trust implicit information can now be recalled at the click of a button, thus reducing lending risk.

Faster processing

Built in marketbot™ analyses all transactions to derive smart metrics on reputation, risk and credibility, thus clarifying risk. The effort in whetting financing requests gets easier.

Ease of on-boarding SMEs

SMEs entering marketsN and trading on the blockchain can ease onboarding effort and KYC procedures across geographies.

Mitigate risk of disruption, resilient supply chains

Reduced cost of capital for partner SMEs increases the competitiveness of the whole supply network. This also mitigates supply chain disruption risk from ruined relationships with suppliers.


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